Swaroop Khan

Swaroop Khan - The star of Milk and Opium is a 14 year old first time actor from Jaisalmer. He is a full time musician and belongs to the tradition of Manganyar folk musicians from Rajasthan. He has performed throughout India and abroad.

      Nizam Khan

Nizam Khan - Acts as the uncle of Swaroop Khan in the film is also a Manganyar musician and a first time actor. Nizam is an established singer within the Rajastani folk music scene in India.

      Mohamad Khan

Mohamad Khan - has traveled all around the world playing concerts from New York to Paris. He is one of the most talented musicians among the Manganyars. Milk & Opium was his acting debut.

      Manjoor Khan

Manjoor Khan - an amazing "Dholakia" drummer who has traveled widely throughout India and abroad. A first time actor who portrays a quiet friend of Mohamad and Nizam Khan in the film.


Santosh - originally from Nepal, he is currently a student at the Gurukul Ashram in New Delhi. He is studying to become a Hindu priest. This is his first acting adventure.

      Deepak Costalino

Deepak Costalino - One of the few well known country western singers in India. Based in New Delhi, Deepak performs in concerts through out India.