"Child star Swaroop Khan was one of the more colourful characters to grace the recently concluded 56th Berlinale, star of the children's film "Milk and Opium", he has been winning accolades for his performance."
DW World - Deutsche Welle


"Milk and Opium is a charming film, which depicts the loss of innocence of Indian rural musicians and the country at large…"
Silicon Valley De-bug


"In Milk and Opium, filmmaker Joel Palombo escorts us to a set right out of the Arabian Nights. Starting with a small village in the desert of northwest India. The story is part reality and part fiction, as the story morphs to fit the weather, the talent available, and the intrinsic wealth of possibilities that arise from the fact that the stars of the show are actual wandering minstrels."
BayArea Casting.com



"Milk and Opium is a poetic film about a young boy from a desert village in Rajasthan who plays in a traditional Indian music group. This film shows the cultural changes contemporary India is experiencing through the often painful experiences of a teenage boy growing up…..a compelling film of interest to children and adults which leaves a lasting impression"
Monika Chana Puginier,
Jury Member Friedensfilmpreis
(Berlin Peace Prize)


"Milk and Opium, a subtle comment on the high price being paid by new Indian society as it leaves its traditional culture behind"


"Whoever believes American country music and traditional Indian music don't go together, will likely change their mind after watching Joel Palombo's Milk and Opium."
Neue Zürcher Zeitung


"A must-see with a breathtaking soundtrack! "
Sophie Merrison, age 13
Berlin International Film Festiva